Iona College

Iona is an independent Catholic College for young men within the Archdiocese of Brisbane. Established in 1958, Iona College seeks to provide a dynamic Catholic learning community within the Oblate spirit, so that its members are faith-filled, resilient, courageous, well balanced and prepared to make a difference.


Studio Kirby began working with Iona College in 2016 developing their Lookbook, a visual uniform policy used to assist the college in setting expectations around uniform and inform parents of each term’s requirements. The book also provided their uniform shop with a professional catalogue of prices. In 2017 we worked alongside the College Rector to design and produce the Iona Strategic Plan. With a detailed brief, we were able to create a stunning document that reflected the college’s values and direction forward. It was essential that the visual effects/images supported the content and aligned with the college’s branding.