School Consultancy

Parent Engagement


It is great if your school has a community of parents who help with cake stalls, fundraisers and sporting events. As good as this is, parent engagement is more than just volunteerism. Parent engagement is a shared and effective partnership between schools and families to improve student outcomes. Magic happens when parents and schools work together to guide a child’s educational journey.

An effective partnership supports school improvement and student achievement. In a positive environment, staff recognise both the value of parent’s shared knowledge and their professional knowledge. When a school creates a welcoming and inviting culture, it not only gets students ‘through the doors’ but leads to lasting relationships with families.


The 4c’s Capacity

Studio Kirby works with you to develop policies and programs that enhance the capacity of the 4C’s:

  • Capabilities – skills & knowledge
  • Connections – networks
  • Cognition – beliefs & value
  • Confidence – self-efficacy